Seit 5 Jahren gibt es das EU-Programm bereits und hat seitdem eine Erfolgsgeschichte zum europaweiten Erfahrungsaustausch zwischen jungen (New Entrepreneurs, NE) und erfahrenen (Host Entrepreneurs, HE) Unternehmern geschrieben:

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Best Practice Quelle:

Period of exchange: 10/2014 until 01/2015
Duration of exchange: 4 months

EYE - BestPractice

New entrepreneur, NE:

David Hahn (Deutschland )

Company name: Kontale GmbH – (Start-up)

Tätigkeitsbereich: Ausstattung, Dienste und Materialien für IT, Büroumgebungen und Kommunikation

The shared experience of my HE will help me to prevent lots of mistakes that I definitely would have made. Intense conversations and discussions with my HE as well as the networking possibilities were the reasons why I was able to broaden my entrepreneurial mindset and make the best of my stay abroad.

Host entrepreneur, HE:

David Tronchoni (Spanien )

Company name: Edinn Global –

Tätigkeitsbereich: Energie, Treibstoff, Strom und andere Energiequellen

David has the characteristics to become a successful entrepreneur that’s what motivated me to start a business partnership with him! He also reminds me when I was his age and I really wanted to help him fulfill his dreams.Thanks to Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, we could get in touch and work toghether. Another great European programme!